Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have answered few questions that were frequently asked by our guests before booking, during the stay and after the stay. Please have a look at these FAQs as it will provide you more information about Chiguru, this will help you in making the right decision.

1. How far is Chiguru from Bengaluru?
Chiguru is 255 kms from Bengaluru

2. Which is the best route from Bengaluru?
Bengaluru – Channarayapattana – Holenarasipura – Somwarpet – Chiguru Homestay

3. How are the road conditions from Bengaluru?
From Bengaluru to Channarayapattana is around 150 kms and you will be driving on 4 lane (Bangalore-Hassan NH48 National Highway) and from there you will be on State highway SH8 which is in very good condition as well. Overall the road condition is very good from Bengaluru to Chiguru. Ideally, you will reach in 4.5 hours.

4. Can I come in my car to Chiguru?
The terrain is not very bad, our guests have come in a wide range of cars without any problem. All cars, from small to SUVs have reached Chiguru comfortably.

5. How far is Chiguru from Mysuru?
Chiguru is 135 kms from Mysuru.

6. How far is Chiguru from Mangaluru?
Chiguru is 184 kms from Mangaluru.

1. What is the meaning of Chiguru?
Chiguru is the kannada word for Bud. A bud is a partially opened flower, essentially it means freshness at its best.

2. How far is Chiguru Homestay from Mallalli Falls?
Chiguru is just 1.5 kms from famous Mallalli Falls.

3. What can I expect at Chiguru?
Chiguru is located on the slopes of a hill, you can expect to be in the middle of gorgeous mountains, breathtaking views, lots of activities, water streams, trekking, photography opportunities and many more.

4. How many variety of plants and trees are there in Chiguru?
There are wide varieties of plants in Chiguru. There is a coffee plantation adjoining Chiguru, black pepper, banana, jack fruit, mango, orange, gooseberry, cardomom, guava, beetel, mayflower, butter fruit trees and many more.

5. Do birds visit Chiguru? I like birds.
Yes, lots of birds visit Chiguru and many of them have made Chiguru their home. You will see parrots, myna, stork and many more.

6. Is there generator backup?
Yes, we have backup generator.

7. Is Chiguru Pet friendly?
Yes, we welcome pets.

8. How is the security in Chiguru?
We have 24 hours security at Chiguru.

1. What is the cost per person for one night?
Rs.1800/night per person

2. What is the cost per child?
Rs.1700/night per child(above 12 years)
Rs.800/night per child(5 to 12 years). There is no charge for child below 5 years

3. What does the tariff include?
Tariff includes:
Accommodation for one night
Morning Coffee/Tea
Evening Coffee/Tea
All activities within Chiguru

4. What is the cost if I stay for more than one night?
Kindly contact us, we will do our best to offer you a good deal.

5. Is there any discount for group booking?
Yes. We consider groups of more than 8 for group discount. Kindly contact us, we will do our best to offer you a good deal.

1. How many people can stay in Chiguru?
Accomodation is available for 23 guest in Chiguru Homestay

2. What are the different types of Rooms available?
Chiguru can accommodate 23 guests comfortably. Extra beds are provided as well.
We have 3 cottages with different capicities.
1. Cottage One – Accommodates four guests
2. Cottage Two – Accommodates six guests
3. Cottage Three – Accommodates thirteen guests

3. Are there any A/C rooms in Chiguru?
A/C rooms are not available.

4. What kind of Food is served?
We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.

5. Can I order something other than what is served?
Yes, it will be charged extra.

6. Is mineral water and soft drinks available?
Yes, they are available and will be charged extra.

1. What are the different activities available in Chiguru?
We have Campfire, Water Stream, Volley Ball, Badminton, Football, Cricket, Nature Walk, Coffee Plantation, Chess & Carrom

2. We like campfire, can you arrange for us?
Yes, Campfire will be arranged if weather permits.

3. I like trekking, what are my options?
There are several options for trekking, get in touch with us for more details.

4. I like playing in water, what are my options?
There is a water stream adjoining Chiguru, its all yours.

For reservations, call:

Lohith : 9449275853, 9686802434