Surrounded by mountains, waterfall, stream and nestled in mist, Chiguru offers you several activities to make the most of your time with us. However, nothing can replace the exploration of the ever beautiful nature.

At Chiguru, we offer indoor and outdoor activities. Around Chiguru, there are lot of places you can explore. Here are we have showcased few of them, go on, explore and get immersed in the beauty of nature.

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1. Mallalli Waterfalls – 1.5 kms
  • Mallalli falls is the biggest waterfall in Coorg and is just a short walk away from Chiguru. Situated in the foothills of Pushpagiri mountains, the source of Mallalli falls is Kumaradhara river. Enjoy the experience of staying close to such a majestic waterfall.

2. Ambur Abby Falls – 500 mtrs
  • Ambur Abby falls is just 500 metres from Chiguru Homestay. This falls is more like a private falls all for yourself.

3. Pushpagiri Peak – 8.5 kms
  • Pushpagiri or Kumara Parvatha, at 5,617 ft is the highest peak in Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. This mountain is a must go for all trekking enthusiasts. Lush green carpet, misty weather conditions, small water streams make this a mesmerizing place. You can drive till pushpagiri mallikarjuna temple and then trek for 3 kms to reach the peak.

4. Pushpagiri Mallikarjuna Temple – 5.5 kms
  • Shree Shantha Mallikarjuna Temple is located in the ever beautiful pushpagiri surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

5. 700 Years Old Tree – 5.5 kms
  • Locally known as Sampige Mara, this 700 years old champaka tree is a natural wonder and is located in the premises of Shree Shantha Mallikarjuna Temple.

6. Doddabetta – 7.5 kms
  • Doddabetta, as the name suggests will leave you amazed with its sheer size and lush green surroundings.
1. Abbimatta Falls – 17 kms
  • Abbimatta Falls is nestled in the high slopes of Bachalli village surrounded by thick forest, paddy fields, coffee estates and valleys, its truly a hidden paradise.

2. Bisle Ghat Beauty Spot – 20 kms
  • Bisle Ghat is a great getaway by itself. The beauty spot offers a spectacular view of hills and waterfalls.

3. Honnammana Kere(Lake) – 28 kms
  • Honnammana Kere(Lake) is the biggest lake in Coorg. Surrounded by cliffs like Gavi Betta and Pandavara Betta, this place looks like a postcard picture. This place is ideal for still water kayaking, cycling, boating and trekking.

4. Dolmen Circle – 28 kms
  • Dolmen Circle is a portal tomb of neolithic period or the new stone age dating back to 4000 to 3000 BC(this is clode to the era of Egyptian Pyramids). There are 64 tombs here and is one of the three such Dolmens in India.

5. Makkala Gudi Betta – 32 kms
  • Makkala Gudi Betta is a beauty spot from where you can view 14-15 lush green gorgeous mountains. Harangi Dam backwaters can also be seen from here. Legend says that cattle grazing kids built a small place of worship using stones, hence the name Makkala Gudi.

6. Harangi Backwaters – 37 kms
  • Harangi backwaters of Kajoor village is surrounded by coffee plantations which makes it ever so beautiful. This place is accessible by road and is scenic all through the year.

7. Male Malleshwara Betta – 37 kms
  • Male Malleshwara Betta in Malambi Hills is among the tallest peaks in Coorg at a height of 5,494 feet above sea level.

8. Meen Kolli Madhapur – 44 kms
  • The meaning of Kolli is Small Stream and Meen Kolli means a Small Stream of Fish. As the name suggests Meen Kolli has a very high density of fish, thanks to the temple through which the stream flows. Fishing here has been voluntarily stopped, feel free to play with the fish.

9. Kote Betta – 54 kms
  • Kote Betta is the third heighest peak in Coorg. Kote Betta means ‘Fort Hill’ because of its fort like appearance. There is temple of Lord Shiva at the bottom of the rock. The view from Kote Betta is breathtaking and it can be approached from Madhapur.

10. Surlabi Falls – 54 kms
  • Surlabi Falls is one of the least explored waterfalls in Somwarpet, Coorg. It is perfect for a tranquil time with friends and family.

11. Chiklihole Dam – 57 kms
  • Chiklihole dam is a small reservoir built across the river Chiklihole flowing through the Cauvery basin. The dam is located near the town of Nanjarayapattana that lies between Madikeri and Kushalnagar. The best part about the location of the dam is that it stands at a distance of just 5 kms from Dubare forest.

12. Mandalpatti – 62 kms
  • A favourite destination of travelers, Mandalpatti is one of the most charming places in Coorg.